Marble Polishing
Leather Cleaning

Marble polishing is done to level the floor surface and bring out the colour, clarity and sheen.

  • Marble surface is to be totally cleaned, removed off all traces of dirt, grit and waxes.
  • Buffing machines will be used with buffing pads that fit.
  • For the first polishing, an application of a Marble compound powder should be used.
  • After, rinse the floor twice with clean water and a clean mop. Allow the floor to dry completely.
  • Clean the machine to remove any powder left. Place a clean pad on buffer and apply Marble polish to the area to be polished.
  • Apply polish in a 3' x 3' section of the floor. Spray a couple of squirts of the Marble polish onto the surface, using a side-to-side motion, buff the floor until dry.
  • Work in blocks of four sections until the shine begins to appear.
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