Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance
Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance

Scope of Work:

  • Weeding and loosening of soil around shrubs, plants and trees to enable proper root development and intake of nutrients
  • Application of approved fertilizer to trees, plants, shrubs to ensure proper growth
  • Pruning of all plants (including potted plants) and shrubs up to three meters(3m) height
  • Spraying of approved insecticide and fungicide to shrubs, plants and trees once a month or upon signs of pests and fungi attack of plants on detection
  • Sweeping and removing of dead, dry leaves and branches etc properly
  • Grass cutting and clearing of grass
* Quote includes supply of labour, equipments, tools, machinery, materials, approved fertilizer and insecticide etc necessary to carry out grass cutting and attending to garden & landscape maintenance works.
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