Condominium Cleaning
Condominium Cleaning

Job specifications:

Lift Lobby Area

  • Sweep and mop lift lobby (all the floors)
  • Clear rubbish
  • Dust cob webs
  • Damp wipe wall & lift – interior and exterior
  • Scrub wash lift lobby floor – monthly once

Facilities Rooms

  • Vacuum carpeted area
  • Sweep and mop floor and staircase
  • Clear waste paper baskets
  • Damp wipe gyms equipment, tables and furniture
  • Damp wipe glass door and glass partition


  • Scrub wash toilet floor
  • Washing of toilet cubicle and toilet bowl
  • Damp wipe wall
  • Replenish toilet rolls and hand soap – daily once

Swimming Pool Area

  • Sweep swimming pool area
  • Damp wipe swimming pool chairs
  • Pressure washing swimming pool surrounding area – weekly once

Car Park

  • Sweep and clear litter surrounding car park
  • Pressure washing of car park – weekly once
  • Dust cob webs – monthly once

BBQ Pit Area

  • Clean BBQ pit
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Clear rubbish
  • Damp wipe chairs

Management Office

  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Clear waste paper baskets
  • Damp wipe tables and computers
  • Damp wipe window glass

Bin Chute & Refuse Centre

  • Clear rubbish
  • Washing of bin chute
  • Pressure washing of bin cute / refuse centre – weekly once

Surrounding Area

  • Sweep and clear of litter surrounding area
  • Pressure washing at surrounding – monthly

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